Amazon Prime Day 2019, Will you be There?

Expect new sales records to be broken on Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime History

It only took a handful of years to cement Amazon Prime Day as the huge, cannot be missed big day, sale event holiday for retail sales. With a massive range of good deals, discounts and savings, for Prime members, it is a tremendous benefit for being part of the Prime subscriber-ship, and it continues to break sales records every year, with Amazon Prime Day 2019 surely prepared to do just that.

It was once that big retailers tied there big sales days to the major US holidays, but not anymore. As it stands now, there are many retailers who have created their own retail holidays apart from Amazon, with Nike having its Air Max Day and Nordstrom with a popular holiday of its own, the Anniversary Sale.

Prime Day was first introduced to the world in 2015, part of a celebration for the 20th Anniversary and secondary, to take over Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year. The first ever Prime day wasn’t as successful as Amazon might have hoped, copping some dissatisfaction from its customers about the lack of quality deals available, but you can count on Amazon to step things up from there, and that is exactly what they did.

Breaking Sales Records

The initial, biggest shopping day in Amazon’s history came on Amazon Prime Day 2018, crashing the supposed unbreakable website in just minutes. The victory was short though when it was taken over by the Cyber Monday sales that came shortly after. The fact that the site did crash just minutes after the opening bell for Amazon Prime Day 2018, suggests that record numbers will again be the theme of Amazon Prime Day 2019.

The traffic that runs through is built on prices that just cannot be matched, beating out even Black Friday on popular consumer product lines like Home & Kitchen, gaming, tech, beauty and literally every other category you can think of. 

The success of Amazon prime Day has also led it to be available in other countries too, with 2017 expanding to Mexico, Spain, UK, Canada, India, Italy, Germany, Japan, Belgium, France, China and Austria, and then in 2018, over to the land down under, Australia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Singapore. Prime subscribers across the globe went past the golden 100 million mark last year, you can bet that Amazon will bolster those numbers again this year.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Dates

The dates for Amazon Prime Day 2019 haven’t been released just yet, but you can be sure that it will land around the end of June to mid July and will last between 24-48hrs. With deals that start every 5 minutes, the global shopping event is going to attract over 1 million deals across the globe and allow individuals to peruse thousands of deals on Last year for Amazon Prime Day 2018, deals started at 3pm ET on July 16th and ran for a full 36 hours into Tuesday, July 17.

Good Deals & Great Discounts

Some of the big and most successful Prime Day deals were on products you may be familiar with, as they garnered a lot of press and coverage, like the Instant Pot, Echo Dot and Roomba Robot vacuums. The best sellers list from the US also included the Instant Pot, a surprise product, LifeStraw personal water filter and the 23andMe DNA Test Kit.

Prime members took advantage of offers like Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Music Unlimited Subscriptions, Audible and Sony, Bose and Sennheiser noise-cancelling headphones. Unsurprisingly, other popular items came from Amazon’s own devices like the previously mentioned Echo Dot, Echo smart speakers, Fire TV Stick and Fire tablets.

Outside of the previously mentioned, physical devices for Amazon Prime Day 2019, you can expect some great deals on memberships and Amazon services such as Whole Foods, Amazon Pantry and Amazon Fresh in the grocery department and Prime Video, Audible, Amazon Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited in entertainment.

Influence on Other E-Commerce Sites

You will find that other online retailers are now jumping on the bandwagon and attempting to run competing sales around Prime Day, simply because the sheer volume of people online increases and the hope is to snag a good number of these folks to their stores. However, these retailers also must be able to compete with the perks that Amazon offers, like fast, free two day shipping as the most obvious benefit, possibly even one day shipping in certain areas around the US. 

Amazon is definitely making moves to offer fast, one day shipping to its Prime Members right across the contiguous US and you may have even started to notice already that there are items that show a “free delivery tomorrow” option. One day shipping might not be fully in place by the time Amazon Prime Day 2019 rolls into town, it is expected that more Prime members will start to notice faster shipping in the weeks and months to come.

This is probably a good time to mention that if you do have a Prime membership, you should get yourself signed up and take advantage of 30 days Amazon Prime trial and join the scores of others that have become Amazon Prime Members.

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