The Rock opens up about presidential run talks

Dwayne „The Rock“ Johnson has finally addressed the conversation around him being a potential 2020 presidential candidate.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Rampage actor talks about the public excitement surrounding the idea of him running for office.

Of the topic, he says, „People are very excited, and it’s so flattering that they’re excited. I think it’s also a function of being very unsatisfied with our current president. But this is a skill set that requires years and years of experience. On a local level, on a state level and then on a national level.“

Johnson continues, „I have the utmost respect for our country and that position, and I’m not delusioned in any way to think, ‘Oh, absolutely, if Trump can do it, I can do it, and I’ll see you in 20-whatever, get ready.’ Not at all.“

He reveals that having Donald Trump as president has revealed some uncomfortable truths.

„I think in a lot of people’s minds, what Trump has proved is that anybody can run for president,“ Johnson says. „And in a lot of people’s minds, what he’s also proved is that not everybody should run for president.“


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