12 Art History Memes That Prove Nothing Has Changed In 100s Of Years

1. Think you haven’t changed in the past decade? Take a trip down Facebook memory lane and you’ll experience a shame spiral deeper than you ever imagined. No regrets? Well, you’re probably the person people keep on their friend lists to feel better about themselves. Considering this woman clearly doesn’t have social media, you have to wonder what she’s reading that caused this reaction. Maybe an old diary entry?

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2. It’s going to take a lot more than a measly bouquet of flowers and a bow to win over this melancholic maiden. With a haunted gaze that has clearly seen it all and a hip-resting backhand pose, it doesn’t appear this artist was going for a meet-cute, and this meme only further solidifies that notion.

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3. Anyone who has worked in the dark trenches of the retail world knows that customers can smell the end of a shift. They will naturally be drawn to approach anyone about to clock out to make the most intricate requests possible. All those hours wasted counting down the minutes only to have to grab something from the most inconvenient place in the back room.



4. It’s a lot easier to roast yourself than be roasted by others, but when you take it too far, it can quickly go from uncomfortable laughter to “wait, are you okay?” It’s a fine line when telling a self-deprecating joke, if it’s not all that funny then it might end up being just a self-deprecating truth.

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5. We have no problem getting our hands dirty when we’re eating, but for some reason, the aftermath of food meeting water is a sensation we all desperately try to avoid. However, when you’re doing the dishes, sometimes the soggy corpses of past meals will make contact to which this face is the natural response.

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6. You have to wonder how people used to pose for so long back in the day. They couldn’t have been eating great, and most things they did consume would probably have been quite a gamble. Outside of the fact that curry probably wasn’t on the menu for this man, the meme might not be too far from the truth.


7. We’ve all been there. Whenever you have to really go to the bathroom in a public place, it’s like there was some sudden universal wave of urination needs. It’s certainly not easy to take your mind off of the fact that you’ve gotta go when everyone surrounding you is quivering their knees as well.


8. Homework may seem like a burden we’d much rather trade for compared to the obligations of adult life, but we can all remember the dread of being sent homework for after class back in the day. We might not have expressed ourselves as dramatically as this crouching duo, but we felt it inside.



9. It’s unfortunate that adult wagons aren’t a thing because there are probably a lot people who would love a leisurely nap while getting from point A to point B. For now, passing out in compromising positions on public transportation will just have to do. That basket troll towards the bottom also seems to have it pretty good.


10. There’s nothing better than seeing your grandmother disobey your own mother’s requests, especially when you financially profit from it. This neck-bearded man may be a little old to still be receiving handouts from his generous three-toothed grandmother, but hey, that’s a look of interminable appreciation if there ever was one.


11. We all have a friend that takes absolutely nothing in moderation, and the nights out with these excess-loving amigos can make us resort to channeling the inner parental voices we never knew we were instilled with. However, after a certain tipping point, there is really no winning. Everyone eventually loses at this game.


12. Consoling a heartbroken friend is never an easy task, but it comes with the territory every now and then. It’s these moments where you’re not as much comforting them as you are taking on the role of being their life coach so that they don’t go full Fatal Attraction crazy.


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