13 Pictures That Will Amaze You

1. Vintage urban planning.

This building in Paris shows where the big chimneys are — as well as the meandering, snakey paths the sub-chimneys on each floor take to get there.

Now just spare a thought for the kids who had to clean them…

Reddit | headchefdaniel

2. This is what World War III will look like.


Reddit | superfunnyusername

 3. Blue whales have a lot of heart.


Reddit | omrilavieWired

4. Cyborgs confirmed.


Reddit | cloudform

5. Chalk art has gone too far.


Reddit | tactical_lampostJoe Hill

6. That bloated feeling.


Reddit | [deleted]

7. Lightsaber technology is here!


Reddit | sirnoodleloaf

8. Anyone for orange juice?

Imgur | Bullheadbully

9. This is good TV.

Reddit | Arvind_Roopun

10. It was harmless, they said.

Reddit | [deleted]

11. Robots are taking over.

Reddit | NotWithoutMyKatana

12. Choo-choo!

Reddit | BlackMambaTG

13. Get geared up for a psychedelic commute.

Reddit | sycknyss2

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